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Hot ISHHH (Radio Edit voice)

Tyler the Creator released this new video a few weeks back. I know I’m late…so sue me -_-, but this shit jams! And the new CD is gonna be awesome. The “shock the world” effect worked Tyler…you on now baby! GOLF WANG.

-xoxo, Adri

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Pour It Up Remix

BadGalRiRi put out a remix to the #BalladForTheBallers with Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, and T.I.



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The KING is back!

King Bey released a new song and visual today. YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS MAMA BEY!!!! #SheDoItForTheRatchets

(shout out to Kid Fury for the audio)



-xoxo, Adri

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King of East Atlanta

As you may know, the good folks at Flexing and Finessing, yes….all TWO of us -_-, we LOVE  Gucci Mane. Here’s an ode to the great ignorant Gucci DiBiase and a few of his beefs. LOVE LIVE THE TRAP GOD.  *turns on BURRprint 3-D*





-xoxo, Adri

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Everything Must Go – Jhene Aiko

Its her birfday, its her birfday

*2chainz voice*

but for her 25th bday, she gave US  a gift




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Maybach O Shitted On Em? O_o

Yeah, I like this song! Fight me.


-xoxo, Adri

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teamMinaj. STAND UP!



then i press the  little button on the sitback chair!,


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Happy Hump Day!

We’ll leave you with Danielle Fishel’s (Topanga from Boy Meets World) pics to hump from her recent shoot with Maxim

topanga topanga2

….but did y’all see Bricksquad’s Waka Flocka flirting with her on Twitter though?