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-_- Ray J put out a…you know, this isn’t even worth talking about and I’m slightly ashamed that I’m posting this video.

Just watch this Karen Civil interview with this MITCH! *Kevin Hart voice*

Dear Ray J….let it go my brotha. Let it go.

– xoxo, Adri

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teamMinaj. STAND UP!



then i press the  little button on the sitback chair!,


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Did We Pull a Q?


Did we let Houston go?

Let’s take it back to 2005: doubled styrafoam cups, big belt buckles,  grillz (or foil), & spinners.  

But almost a decade later, Houston music has yet to make a comeback.

Where’s Trae the Truth, Paul Wall, Rap-A-Lot? Swisha House? Chamillionaire?

Did we get tired of slabs, drank, and grills?

Is Drake to blame?

Are Pimp C, the Geto Boyz, and Scarface proud of Kirko Bangz?

Could Houston survive today’s mainstream music?

Houston’s own Slim Thug and Z-Ro has a new video out…you be the judge.




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God Bless the Dead.

On a truly serious note, this morning there has been a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. CNN is reporting that “close to 20” people are dead, at least 10 being children and 1 being the shooter. A witness was quoted with saying she heard “at least 100 rounds” go off. Yikes!  Why would anyone want to murder innocent children smh. Be safe out there ya’ll.

Children in Connecticut being escorted to safety.

Children in Connecticut being escorted to safety.

Check out the news story here:

-protect your neck,   Adri

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That’s Just How I Feel