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Marion Write – Bag Lady


look what I ran across this morning

i dig, i dig

& you can’t go wrong w/ a Badu sample



Been Gone For A Minute, Now I’m Back With The Jumpoff

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This new Janelle Monáe featuring Erykah Badu just gave me LIFE! I like this new thing you got going Janelle! Let’s do lunch!

-xoxo, Adri

Cole Summer – J.Cole

yes,yes…here’s J.Cole

with a Lauryn Hill Sample


I didn’t really like Truly Yours, but Truly Yours 2 is coming soon.

& his album dropping this summer

“we workin!” -djDramaVoice



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Kat Dahlia – Gangsta

well..since my ear lobes are always finessed by grapevines

i heard its a hot song in these skreets by Miami’s 21yr. old, new Cuban-American songstress:

Kat Dahlia




they compared her voice to Rihanna…of course


But i like the song, the video, just EVERYTHING hunny *nene hands*

She puttin on for the mamacitas;



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Ya’ll Busy or What?

I hate that Los is so slept on & underrated!..he actually freestyles and snaps on em..

I blame Diddy!…he never lets his artist shine! (…bright like a diamond.)

& he always barely makes the cut on the XXL freshman list!

Well here is KingLos freestyling at Sway’s spot



naw naw, he killed this one
uhh…#TBT; just watch it!..know damn well you ain’t doin’ a thing!
well..except you over there with the baby in ya arm









“King Los, King Los..bow down kiss a nigga ring hoe”



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Body Party – Ciara

Watch [grown&sexy] Ciara dance for her boo,Future… at some kick back that we weren’t invited to!!

…yea im salty.

shout out to Trinidad James and Love & Hip Hop’s front couple: Steebie & Joseline  for their random cameos

i see what you’re doing Atlanta..I’m on to you!

-Bow Wow (i hit it first)

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Juicy J – Ain’t No Comin Down

New song from Mr. Zip & a Double Cup

Play this at your local 4/20 gathering.


– AG

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Free Gucci Mane

You know how we feel about Gucci DiBiase.

*cues new video*

-xoxo, Adri

Never  Forget the Waka/Gucci alliance was once alive and strong ( ._.)

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-_- Ray J put out a…you know, this isn’t even worth talking about and I’m slightly ashamed that I’m posting this video.

Just watch this Karen Civil interview with this MITCH! *Kevin Hart voice*

Dear Ray J….let it go my brotha. Let it go.

– xoxo, Adri

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Girls Love Beyonce – Drake

we gon slow this one down for the ladiiieess

i see you with the Destiny’s Child sample

oh Aub, you’re such a lover.


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