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Free Gucci Mane

You know how we feel about Gucci DiBiase.

*cues new video*

-xoxo, Adri

Never  Forget the Waka/Gucci alliance was once alive and strong ( ._.)

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Maybach O Shitted On Em? O_o

Yeah, I like this song! Fight me.


-xoxo, Adri

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Official visual for the All Gold Everything REEMMMIIIXXXX!!!!




-xoxo, Adri

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Trindad James – Southside

T.James releases his second visual from his mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E.

Fyi: We are indeed..from the southside


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Juelz Santana – God Will’n




We all know Juelz Santana, fresh off a hiatus, has been promo’n for his new mixtape God Will’n since the end of 2012.  This mixtape was mildly anticipated in the Hip Hop community.

It dropped last night!

…it was a FAIL. 

Yes, Juelz brought in the first music fail of 2013. 

The mixtape features Wale, Wiz, Jadakiss, Fab, Gotti, Lil Reese, Future, Jeremih, Meek Mill, former group mate Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, Ross & old friend Lil’ Wayne

We thought he was going to come with the East-coast Harlem flow, and keep it G.

Instead it was good beats to cover up the lyrics, just like everyone else

Thanks Juelz…really.


soulja crying


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New Music

The big homie Rod (straight out the great city of DALLAS!)  is preparing his debut mixtape…and since that is my brotha from another mother, we will be posting every song he releases until then.

LET’S EAT FAM! It’s your turn now playboy *Birdman voice*

-xoxo, Adri

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“Stop FLEXING…you been scared of me!”

Here at the offices of Flexing and Finessing, we are fans of Gucci Mane. HUGE HUGE FANS OF GUCCI MANE!

So, when we had to brainstorm for mixtape of the year, it was no question:

Trap God wins!!!!!!!

Now, obviously we know that he isn’t the best lyricist nor does he have the best flow….and to be quite frank about it, we may not know what he’s saying all the time. But we do know this: Gucci Mane la Flair makes some of the best ratchet tunes EVER!

Not only was Trap God highly anticipated, it also kicked off the whirlwind Gucci vs the World tour where he bashed damn near everybody in the rap industry.

Gucci, we salute you. We promise to support you and every project you ever put out!! GUCCI MANE FOR PRESIDENT!

Check out the infamous Power 105 interview here (where Gucci proves might possibly be the realest nigga living):

(Click the link to download Trap God)

-xoxo, Adri

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The Soul Tape 2 – Fabolous

Soul Tape 2Fabolous is back having the mixtape sites buzzing. He recently released his sequel The Soul Tape 2  which is filled with a variety of features, new producers, good samples and clever metaphors which he is infamous for.

Fab opens up his mixtape by paying respect to fellow Brooklyn native, with an audio of a Biggie Smalls interview.  He also sampled and screwed Rihanna’s chart topping single Diamonds to describe how pressure makes diamonds Fab brings J. Cole to rap a verse and sing the chorus on Louis Vuitton dedicated to their views on their experience with materialistic girls.

Fabolous sampled an smooth 80’s Canadian hit for We Get High added Friday, Half Baked, Rihanna, and How High references to create two great verses for his toking fans. He brought Trey Songz and Cassie along to help him remake Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples, Cassie held down the chorus while Trey Songz rapped a verse sounding surprisingly good.  Fab called on Teyana Taylor and Joe Budden to wrap up the mixtape with a track about the person that ‘don’t know what they got til it’s gone’

If you listen to Joe Budden’s bitter verse it’s obviously dedicated to ex-girlfriend (also ex-boo of Fabolous), Tahiry Jose….the whole verse.  But Taylor did a great job ending the song with her raspy vocals.

I’ll give this mixtape 4 out of 5.

It gives the first Soul Tape a run for its money.

Fabolous, Pusha Tpusha

For the Love video (feat. Draya’s friend, model @MercedehAllen)


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