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Busy Bees

Hiii guys!!! Did you miss me? No? ( ._.)

With Maymester and summer classes and work…blogging for us at Flexing and Finessing has been hard too fit in! Whew! But I’m back and I brought the homie KB with me! Now, he does FundaySunday mixes every week, but this week it was special because it was a mix with old Dallas boogie songs, and WE LOVE OUR CITY!!

The Dallas boogie movement was huge a few years ago. I’m sure everyone remembers that God awful “Teach Me How to Dougie” song, yeah…that was about us cuz we cool.

(In case you were under a rock and never saw the Dallas boogie in action)

Here’s the mix! YO KB, RUN THAT SHIT B!

-Dallas, Texas FOREVER, Adri

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New Music

The big homie Rod (straight out the great city of DALLAS!)  is preparing his debut mixtape…and since that is my brotha from another mother, we will be posting every song he releases until then.

LET’S EAT FAM! It’s your turn now playboy *Birdman voice*

-xoxo, Adri

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