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Free Gucci Mane

You know how we feel about Gucci DiBiase.

*cues new video*

-xoxo, Adri

Never  Forget the Waka/Gucci alliance was once alive and strong ( ._.)

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King of East Atlanta

As you may know, the good folks at Flexing and Finessing, yes….all TWO of us -_-, we LOVE  Gucci Mane. Here’s an ode to the great ignorant Gucci DiBiase and a few of his beefs. LOVE LIVE THE TRAP GOD.  *turns on BURRprint 3-D*





-xoxo, Adri

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“Stop FLEXING…you been scared of me!”

Here at the offices of Flexing and Finessing, we are fans of Gucci Mane. HUGE HUGE FANS OF GUCCI MANE!

So, when we had to brainstorm for mixtape of the year, it was no question:

Trap God wins!!!!!!!

Now, obviously we know that he isn’t the best lyricist nor does he have the best flow….and to be quite frank about it, we may not know what he’s saying all the time. But we do know this: Gucci Mane la Flair makes some of the best ratchet tunes EVER!

Not only was Trap God highly anticipated, it also kicked off the whirlwind Gucci vs the World tour where he bashed damn near everybody in the rap industry.

Gucci, we salute you. We promise to support you and every project you ever put out!! GUCCI MANE FOR PRESIDENT!

Check out the infamous Power 105 interview here (where Gucci proves might possibly be the realest nigga living):

(Click the link to download Trap God)


-xoxo, Adri

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