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Busy Bees

Hiii guys!!! Did you miss me? No? ( ._.)

With Maymester and summer classes and work…blogging for us at Flexing and Finessing has been hard too fit in! Whew! But I’m back and I brought the homie KB with me! Now, he does FundaySunday mixes every week, but this week it was special because it was a mix with old Dallas boogie songs, and WE LOVE OUR CITY!!

The Dallas boogie movement was huge a few years ago. I’m sure everyone remembers that God awful “Teach Me How to Dougie” song, yeah…that was about us cuz we cool.

(In case you were under a rock and never saw the Dallas boogie in action)

Here’s the mix! YO KB, RUN THAT SHIT B!

-Dallas, Texas FOREVER, Adri

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