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Hot ISHHH (Radio Edit voice)

Tyler the Creator released this new video a few weeks back. I know I’m late…so sue me -_-, but this shit jams! And the new CD is gonna be awesome. The “shock the world” effect worked Tyler…you on now baby! GOLF WANG.

-xoxo, Adri

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The KING is back!

King Bey released a new song and visual today. YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS MAMA BEY!!!! #SheDoItForTheRatchets

(shout out to Kid Fury for the audio)



-xoxo, Adri

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The Wait is Ovah! The Wait is Ovah! *Rihanna voice*

FINALLY,  the highly anticipated A$AP Rocky album dropped yesterday and as a long time fan, I couldn’t be more proud.

Pushed back several times due to sample clearances and other behind the scenes issues, this album seemed like it was NEVER  gonna drop! I was slightly nervous that the public would get tired of waiting and move on to another rapper to become fascinated with.

Notable tracks on the album include  “1 Train” (featuring an all star roster of up and comers such as: Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, and Action Bronson).  Joey was the star of this song, spitting HOT lines such as, “They seen my pigment and thought I was ignorant…unfortunately, I am not that type of nigglet.” 

Also, “PMW (All I Really Need)” and “Pain” are favorites of mine because they feature the most underrated artists out right now: ScHoolBoy Q and OverDoz.

Every track on the album is a hit….be sure to pick it up!!!

00 Cover

-xoxo, Adri

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New Music

The big homie Rod (straight out the great city of DALLAS!)  is preparing his debut mixtape…and since that is my brotha from another mother, we will be posting every song he releases until then.

LET’S EAT FAM! It’s your turn now playboy *Birdman voice*

-xoxo, Adri

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Jesus Piece – The Game


With the recently controversial deluxe album cover,

Compton’s rapper , The Game releases his 5th album entitled Jesus Piece.

It starts off with “Scared Now” feat. Meek Mill. The beat is what makes the song. Real ’09 G-Unit feel to it. Meek Mill..i cant.

It feels like you sittin next to Cuba when him and Cube were bout to 187 Tre’s shooters. Favorite song on this album.

He had a track for strictly Good Music vets: Kanye and Common. Common reared his meaningful flow and delivered a legit verse displaying that he is still the chameleon of Hip Hop, fitting into any type of song while delivering.

Ye repeats the same 7 words. (guess that’s all Game could afford).

The Game was never really great at making love songs, so “Pray” featuring J. Cole really surprised me. Game artistically illustrated a story throughout his verse while J. Cole snapped on his verse which got rid of my thoughts of him falling off in the near future. There’s hope.

I lmao’d at Game’s song with King Chip (formerly known as Chip The Ripper) and my love, T. Songz. It’s called “Church”, but is a straight SKRIPPA song!

“She thicker than the bible” – Trey Songz”

King Chip wrapped up the verses with his lyrical stories “ Saw her with her friends, damn she had the best butt/ then she turned around lookin like Morris Chestnut” .

Game solo’d “Heaven’s Arms” and stinked it up! Skip that one. Trust me.

He threatened everyone, saying he would slap anybody that disrespects Kimye. Wtf. He doesn’t even fuck with you musically Game.
Fellow Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s verse is what even kept me listening to “See No Evil”, singer Tank reappeared on this chorus.

I need you to keep quiet as a mouse/Which is ironic cause rats is what I’m talking about

– K. Dot

Freedom has the infamous “Do It Again” sample and is filled with MORE NAME DROPPING! He does insert in an audio of a phone convo with his new boss Birdman. Kevin Hart also ends this song…skip it.

Haayyy! I love the album’s first single “Celebration” which feautres Chris Brown, Tyga, Weezy and Wiz.

It has a summer feel with a video to match. Tyga sucks. Chris’s verse even trumped his. Idk why artists are stiil saving Lil’ Wayne for last on the song….chill, he doesn’t impress.

Jesus Piece deserves a 3 out of 5.

“My album like a Rari, a lot of dope features”

-The Game


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